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Himmel Eck German Shepherds

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 German Shepherd Puppies for Sale in Seattle


Welcome to Himmel Eck German Shepherds. We offer german shepherd puppies for sale bred for quality and temperament for you and your loved ones.  All of our sires and dams are verified for quality and temperment to have the best puppies possible. We offer the best elite german bloodlines. We are dedicated to keeping the German Shepherd breed pure from Germany.


German Shepherds are widely known for their loyalty, courage and intelligence. Because of their intelligence and versatility, they are often used as police or military dogs as well as guide dogs for the blind. Most often, however, they are bought to become a devoted family friend and protector. A sound temperament is very important for a dog to be a good companion. Temperment is something that is inherited and as such is directly a result of a dog’s breeding. The German Shepherd has a character that shows nobility and self-confidence. When strangers are around, German Shepherds should regard them with some suspicion, but they should not be overly aggressive nor should they show fear. A German Shepherd with a sound temperament makes the ultimate human companion. German Shepherds that are “clear in head” are naturally protective of their homes and families.  Puppies begin to show signs of awareness of home and people around five to six months of age. They start to display a warning of approaching strangers. A few warning barks and an alert dog is all the protection most families need. For people who are looking for more of a protection dog, a dog that is “clear in head” is still the best choice because this type of dog can be trained and easily controlled. A dog that is overly aggressive or unsound even when trained can become dangerous because it cannot be trusted to obey its handler.  As a German Shepherd Kennel our goal is to breed dogs that are “clear in head.” As temperament is inherited, we only breed dogs that have excellent temperaments to produce puppies that are “clear in head.”

Phone: 206.354.3637
Washington, 98021